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Commercial & Residential
Water Damage Restoration

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

FloodCo USA believes in drying your home rather than demolishing it. We use a thermatic drying process that allows us keep your building material in place, while we dry. Building materials that we can save include drywall, hardwood floors, base molding, door trim and more. By leaving these materials in place we save our clients thousands in rebuild cost and time. Our thermatic drying process is usually complete in five days, restoring you to normal life faster and more efficiently than our competitors.

We pride ourselves on cleanliness and return your area to pre loss condition. FloodCo USA will educate and communicate with you throughout the entire flood cleanup process. Our team will send you a photo and drying report at the completion of your project.

Our method of flood damage restoration saves time, money, and most of all, the hassle of dealing with a flood damage reconstruction company afterwards.

Why Choose Us for Your NJ Flood Damage Restoration?

FloodCo USA’s New Jersey Water Damage Restoration Team has 30+ years in the flood damage restoration field. We also hold countless individual and company certifications that set us apart from other flood drying companies.

Why Trust FloodCo USA’s New Jersey Team?

We take a scientific drying approach for water damage restoration. Our techs are trained to consider the humidity, temperature, sq footage, and moisture levels to take the best approach. FloodCo USA’s NJ Team monitors and adjusts the equipment daily to assure that you are getting the most efficient drying methods. Drying report is provided at completion.

What Can We Handle?

We have the equipment to dry out any residential and commercial properties when a flood occurs. FloodCo USA has the mobility to respond to any New Jersey residential water damage restoration project within two hours of receiving the emergency call. We also have the equipment and expertise to handle all New Jersey commercial water damage restoration projects.


FloodCo USA’s air movers and dehumidifiers are of the cleanest and highest quality in New Jersey. Our equipment efficiently dries your house while keeping it livable. Moreover, we have temporary heat and generators to make your home a comfortable place if you experience a power loss. Contact us today to learn more information or request an appointment.

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