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Sewage Cleanup

Raw sewage and flood waters contain bacteria and other micro-organisms, which are extremely hazardous to human health.

These can be transmitted by touching contaminated items or by tracking them into uncontaminated areas (for example, shoes, clothing, personal items, and etc…). Children and pets are especially vulnerable.

If raw sewage is present in your house, avoid all contact. Because of potential infectious diseases and bacteria, personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary to handle any sewage contaminated items.

Absorbent materials such as carpeting and drywall will not be restorable after direct contact with sewage.

  • treat all water-impacted surfaces and furniture as toxic, until properly decontaminated

  • keep children and pets out of contaminated areas

Do Not
  • track contaminated materials into undamaged areas

  • attempt to decontaminate surfaces with sprays with sprays and other over the counter germicidal products, which may not fully disinfect contaminated surfaces.

  • Touch any impacted items without proper PPE

Sewage Cleanup Services in NJ and NYC Area!

FloodCo USA is the number one company in the Edgewater, Hoboken, West New York, Gold Coast, and Bergen Counties area for saving buckled and water-damaged floors that are past remediation.

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