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FloodCo USA can handle any size job in the NYC area.

The FloodCo NYC team uses industrial sized heaters and desiccant dehumidifiers to handle any size commercial building dry outs. Our commercial equipment can heat buildings up to optimum drying conditions, even in the middle of winter. Every commercial building dry out is different as a result, we us drying methods that are specific to every job.

We understand building managers need to get the area back to normal ASAP. We are extremely conscientious of cutting down on the amount of demolition that is needed. Our team does this by drying what can be dried, not ripping it out. We cut your rebuild budget by 95%, you’ll have less hassle of other contractors coming in and a significant cut on overall down time. The Floodco NYC team specializes in serving NYC high end building dry outs because of our discretion and flexibility. We do the job once and we do it right. Contact us today!

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