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Mold Testing

How Does Mold Testing Work?

The first thing our technicians will do is take three separate air samples. One from the suspected area, one from a non-suspected area, and one sample from outside.


We then use the non-suspected and outdoor air samples as a baseline to compare to your suspected mold area sample.


If the amount of mold in your suspected area is higher than the baseline samples, we know that mold remediation is needed (link to mold remediation page).


If there is a visible discolored area of concern, a surface tape test will be performed by our technicians. The surface tape samples will then be sent to our third-party lab to confirm or identify mold.


FloodCo USA New Jersey Mold Testing uses a third-party testing laboratory for species identification and receives results within 3 business days. Once the results are received, our mold inspector will interpret and provide you with an analysis of the results.


If mold is found, we can develop a plan to remove it and restore your home’s air quality back to normal levels


If there is no mold, you now know you and your family are safe!


Inspect, Test, Analyze, and Remediate

Inspect, test, analyze, and remediate. FloodCo USA is the best Mold Professional in New Jersey and NYC area.

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